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A Year At The Movies has its weaknesses. It flags temporarily about two-thirds through, as Murphy seems to briefly tire of the project, and it glosses over most of the actual films. It sometimes states, and restates, and overstates, the obvious. Does anyone need an essay explaining that film showtimes are available on the Internet, but pop-up ads are annoying? But overall, it's lively, entertaining, diverse, sometimes fascinating, and deeply telling. Murphy is at his best when reporting on his personal experiences, like his trip to the world's smallest theater, or his time in the film room of a Quebecois hotel made of ice.

But it's still impressive when he travels to places nearly everyone has been, and somehow comes back with something revelatory to share. The A. Tasha Robinson. Share This Story. Gizmodo io9.

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At what point did you realize that this particular follow-up was really taking off and becoming something huge? The culture and the riffing in particular. Oh, man, yeah. Where did this thing come from in the first place? So yes, our resources are vast and wonderful and they never seem to end because people continue to make bad movies and they will continue to make bad movies because there are a lot more bad filmmakers out there than there are good filmmakers out there.


I have a friend Caitlin, who is also a huge fan of your work. So here it is.

Because even with all our success, we were still a really low-budget show and we could never afford that kind of big time makeup and appliances and all that. So we went pretty low-budget and it felt pretty crummy and I had to wear that horrible fright wig and the fur gloves and the thing around my neck and all the makeup, so YES, it was damn uncomfortable in that thing. I look at my finger and there it is! So yeah, I bought it originally in Mexico, jeez, about twenty years ago.

A Year at the Movies

I bought it for my brother Well, other than how Keith Richards always wears one. Actually, my dad won a skull ring that he — I love this story — he won it from a Luftwaffe officer in a poker game. One of the true staples of the RiffTrax library is Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny , which I consider, in all seriousness, to be the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

Are there any plans to maybe revisit Ice Cream Bunny and maybe riff this version of the movie? If we could find a screenable copy of that and get it cleared, I think we would love to do that. I do my research! Have you guys ever talked about giving that the RiffTrax treatment?

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I have to think that that would have to make some good catharsis at the very least. But yeah, it would probably make for a good RiffTrax. Forrest Gump is ostensibly a comedy, at least in parts, until it gets really sickly, stupidly melodramatic and pandering and all. So that part is a particular challenge as well. It would be a long one, but it would be fun. It would be more like a roast.

So that would be a heck of a lot more fun for me at least. Any word on when you guys are going to get around to doing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? Oh, you people keep harrying us about that! This series starts so light and silly and goofy and Chris Columbus-y and then it just becomes this horrid tragedy! Twilight of the Gods at the end there! It gives me a stomach ache whenever I watch that thing.

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Remember all the bright pumpkin colors? We will eventually get around to it, but we are dragging our heels. Speaking of finishing up series, you guys just finished up doing the Batman and Robin serials from the 40s. Anyway, are there any plans for other movie serials or are you just going to move away from that? Oh no! We definitely want to do another movie serial as soon as we can! I think after these two live shows, this Halloween show we have coming up and a couple other things we have in the hopper for the end of the year, we will then revisit—we have a couple picked out, we just have to pick and choose which one we want to do.

Kind of fun to have something that hung on that long.