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He put great emphasis on his cavalry, which screened the movements of army corps, intervened at crucial moments in battle and conducted the vigorous pursuits so profitable after a victorious engagement. With a remarkable grasp of the strategic implications of a situation, Napoleon was preeminent in disposing his army corps to discover the whereabouts of enemy forces, to head them off from retreat, to obstruct their concentration, and to bring them to battle.

The British regular army had been employed predominantly in colonial warfare, for which it had been freed by calling up the militia to supplement home defense. Even so the demand for men had outrun the supply of volunteers, and in July the government had begun paying a bounty to militiamen who would volunteer for service with the regular army. The strength of the latter was reduced to 95, after the Peace of Amiens.

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Inevitably the British attached primary importance to their navy. At the close of the war the British had ships of the line and frigates against the French and Napoleonic Wars. Article Media.

The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

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Napoleonic Era and Timeline

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