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It was rebuilt in the late s. In the telescope was practically destroyed in a severe bushfire, but a project to restore it to working condition is under way. The design had been approved by a committee of leading British astronomers and scientists. The Melbourne Observatory viewed from the Shrine of Remembrance. The observatory was tasked by the Victorian government with maintaining an accurate time reference for the colony through observations of stars using a transit telescope as well as general astronomical research.

The idea for a Melbourne Observatory was first proposed by English astronomer William Parkinson Wilson in a paper read before The Philosophical Institute of Victoria in ; and soon after a committee was formed to "achieve Wilson's 'noble object'". List Obs. He was born in Perth, Australia in , studied mathematics and physics at the University of Western Australia, and graduated with first class honours in applied mathematics in He then went to Cambridge University for postgraduate work in theoretical astrophysics with Leon Mestel and Donald Lynden-Bell, and completed his doctorate in Apart from a year in the Kapteyn Institute in Groningen in and some occasional absences overseas, he has been at Mount Stromlo ever since.

The Gum catalog is an astronomical catalog of 84 emission nebulae in the southern sky. Gum published his findings in in a study entitled A study of diffuse southern H-alpha nebulae which presented a catalog of 84 nebulae or nebular complexes. Similar catalogs include the Sharpless catalog and the RCW catalog, and many of the Gum objects are repeated in these other catalogs. The Gum Nebula is named for Gum, who discovered it as Gum 12; it is an emission nebula that can be found in the southern constellations Vela and Puppis.

In he began working at the Broken Hill Associated Smelters in Port Pirie, South Australia, becoming the assistant supervisor of research, and he remained there until He then joined the Mount Stromlo Observatory, then called the Commonwealth Solar Observatory, as an assistant and he remained associated with the observatory until his death in At Mount Stromlo, he took up the study of electrical phenomena in the atmosphere, including ionization in the lower atmosphere. He then transitioned into the study of cosmic rays.

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In he was married to Irene Doris Tyson known as Yandell. Beginning i. Its primary instrument is a inch 1. Several other telescopes are also located at the site, which formerly also included a small radio telescope. The DDO is the site of a number of important studies, including pioneering measurements of the distance to globular clusters, providing the first direct evidence that Cygnus X-1 was a black hole, and the discovery that Polaris was stabilizing and appeared to be "falling out" of the Cepheid variable category.

Legend Space observatory Gravitational-wave detector Antimatter observatory Airborne observatory Radio observatory Microwave observatory Ground-based observatory Solar observatory Neutrino detector Cosmic-ray observatory This is a list of astronomical observatories ordered by name, along with initial dates of operation where an accurate date is available and location. The list also includes a final year of operation for many observatories that are no longer in operation. While other sciences, such as volcanology and meteorology, also use facilities called observatories for research and observations, this list is limited to observatories that are used to observe celestial objects.

Astronomical observatories are mainly divided into four categories: space-based, airborne, ground-based, and underground-based. Many modern telescopes and observatories are located in space to observe astronomical objects in wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum that cannot penetrate the Earth's atmosp. Their harmonious marriage accompanied the four decades of their close scientific collaboration, in which "it is difficult and pointless to separate his achievements from hers".

The Boks displayed great mutual enthusiasm for explaining astronomy to the public: described as "salesmen of the Milky Way" by The Boston Globe, their general interest book The Milky Way went through five editions and was said to be "one of the most successful astronomical texts ever written". Early life and research Fairfield's family lived in Littleton, Massachusetts, where her father was a Unitarian minister.

She worked to be able to afford the tuition fees at nearby Boston.

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Bengt Westerlund January 17, - June 4, [1][2] was a Swedish astronomer who specialised in observational astronomy. He received his PhD from Uppsala University in He contributed significantly in studies of star clusters, stellar populations, carbon stars, planetary nebulae, Wolf-Rayet stars, stellar classification and supernova remnants. The Tucana Dwarf Galaxy is a dwarf galaxy in the constellation Tucana. It was discovered in by R. Lavery of Mount Stromlo Observatory. It is composed of very old stars and is very isolated from other galaxies. Its location on the opposite side of the Milky Way from other Local Group galaxies makes it an important object for study.

Properties The Tucana Dwarf is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy of type dE5. There is no significant spread in metallicity throughout the galaxy. It is about kiloparsecs 2, Both her parents were teachers. She attended Yardley Grammar School in Yardley, Birmingham, where she developed an aptitude for mathematics. She then worked for the Telecommunications Research Establishment at Malvern until when she returned to take the third year of her degree.

After completing her degree she was offered a. The NASA International Planetary Patrol Program consists of a network of astronomical observatories to collect uninterrupted images and observations of the large-scale atmospheric and surface features of the planets.

Baum of Lowell Observatory.

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The martian dust storms of and were extensively covered. They also observed changes in the Jovian atmosphere, including the Great Red Spot. Venus has been monitored for circulation of the cloud deck. September The Bok Prize is awarded annually by the Astronomical Society of Australia and the Australian Academy of Science to recognise outstanding research in astronomy by an honours student at an Australian university.

It contains objects, including many of the earlier Gum catalogue 84 items objects. The later Caldwell catalogue included some objects from the RCW catalogue. There is also some overlap with the Sharpless catalogue-2 items , although that primarily covered the northern hemisphere, whereas RCW and Gum primarily covered the southern hemisphere.

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Campbell and John Bartlett Whiteoak. They catalogued southern nebulae while working under Bart Bok at the Mount Stromlo Observatory in Australia in the s.