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How this affects you will vary depending on which part of your body was treated. Fibrosis may cause any of the following:. These changes can gradually appear over a long time, sometimes several years. Talk to your doctor if you had radiotherapy in the past and are worried about side effects. Radiotherapy is more accurate than it has ever been. Current radiotherapy techniques, such as conformal radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapy IMRT , accurately shape the radiotherapy beams to fit the cancer.

Improving radiotherapy in cancer treatment: Promises and challenges

This means less healthy tissue receives radiation, and so there are fewer side effects. About Cancer generously supported by Dangoor Education since Questions about cancer? Call freephone or email us. Experienced nurses will work with you and your loved.

Find information and tips on staying active and healthy during and after cancer treatment and dealing with the possibility of cancer recurrence. Imerman Angels was created on the belief that no one should have to face cancer alone and without the necessary support.

Understanding Radiation: The Unsung Cancer Therapy

At 26 years old, Jonny Imerman was diagnosed with testicular cancer and began. Stupid Cancer is the largest charity that comprehensively addresses young adult cancer through advocacy, research, support, outreach, awareness, mobile health and social media. Our innovative, award. Research shows the choices we make every day affect our chances of getting cancer. Scientists have found that what you eat, how you move and how much you weigh can lower your risk for many cancers.

Not all cancer survivors will experience late effects.

The Late Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

If you do, they may appear soon after treatment or up to years after treatment ends. Let your loved ones know that this can happen. In most cases, the earlier these late effects are identified, the easier they are to treat. Ask your health care team about what late effects could occur. This will help you and those close to you know what to watch for. Late effects vary from one cancer survivor to the next.

They can range from very mild to serious. Some effects might improve or go away with time such as anemia.

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Others might be permanent such as certain types of nerve damage. In most cases, the effects could not have been avoided. Be sure to report any of the following signs or symptoms to your health care team right away. Early medical attention can often reduce problems that can come from late effects.

The effects of surgery depend on the area of the body or site where the surgery is performed. Risks have been lessened by new and improved surgical methods but late effects may still occur. A tumor may affect healthy tissue as it grows if it damages or kills normal cells.

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Damage can also occur if the healthy tissue around a tumor is removed during surgery. This might be done to make certain that all of the cancer cells are removed and thus may be necessary for appropriate cancer treatment. Late effects of surgery include:.

Head and neck cancer overview

Physical changes can also bring emotional aftereffects. This can happen even if others cannot see the changes. For example, a survivor could feel self-conscious about a scar, even if it is hidden by clothing.

Side effects of radiotherapy

There may be concerns about body image. Chemotherapy medicines interfere with the rapidly growing cells of the body. These cells can include those related to hair, skin, fingernails or the stomach lining. This is why chemotherapy can cause temporary side effects. These include mouth sores, upset stomach, hair loss or skin rashes. Side effects usually improve as the normal or non-cancer tissues repair themselves. Not all chemotherapy medicines have the same late effects. A lot depends on the kind of medicines used. The dosage and whether chemotherapy was done with another type of treatment are also important.

If an organ is damaged, a lot depends on whether it can repair itself.

Before starting treatment, ask your health care provider about the possible after-effects of all the medications you will receive. Late effects of chemotherapy include:. Radiation therapy is applied to the areas of the body that are affected by cancer.


Late Effects of Cancer Treatment | LIVESTRONG

Aftereffects occur only in the area that was treated. In some cases, treatment may also include healthy tissue. This is to make certain that all of the cancer is treated. Newer methods of radiation therapy help minimize damage to normal tissue. Treatment is directed to the same area each time. Yet, radiation rays sometimes scatter.

Tissues and organs near the cancer site might receive small doses of radiation if this happens. Late effects of radiation could include:. Fatigue or feeling physically exhausted is a very common aftereffect of cancer and treatment.