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Tackling youth unemployment in the EU

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At the vocational secondary school level, efforts should be made to ensure that the quality of education corresponds to increasing rates of secondary school enrolment. Questions remain as to whether the secondary education system sufficiently prepares students to succeed in the workplace. Aside from skills upgrade, entrepreneurship is another pathway that has the potential to alleviate the problem of youth unemployment.

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It is widely accepted that the practice of entrepreneurship creates jobs, either through self-employment or by producing jobs for others; encourages innovation; stimulates the economy; and is relatively sustainable if properly managed. In developing countries, entrepreneurship is considered crucial for the development of vibrant and formal small-to-medium sized enterprises SMEs.


The importance of SMEs for the economy was highlighted in several policy packages, which have simplified the procedures required to establish an SME and reduced the interest rate for micro credit loans by more than half, from 20 to 9 percent. In addition to ease of access to finance, business mentorship must be provided alongside credit disbursement to strengthen the impact of entrepreneurial activities. It would be beneficial for the government to run mentorship programs in cooperation with the private sector, given their industry expertise.

These programs could take the form of mentor-mentee relationships, or education and training through classes and incubation programs. For instance, a guaranteed annual increase of the minimum wage is a burden for small business owners. To ease this burden, the government may need to come up with a separate minimum wage framework for workers in small businesses. It is also important to account for the large informal sector, which comprises 60 percent of the total work force. The disruption created by technological innovation in the informal transport industry, for example, has affected the already meagre income of existing workers.

Tackling youth unemployment - UEFA Foundation

Tackling youth unemployment requires a holistic approach that takes into account the implications of existing policies. This includes better policy coordination and an open, two-way communication forum involving government institutions and other stakeholders, such as private sector representatives and young workers targeted by the initiatives. The writer is a senior researcher at the Center for Public Policy Transformation.

Our letter this week argues the solution may be a more practical approach to education. Despite major government investment in skills training, many young people remain underprepared for work. Is an innovative approach to 'life preparation' the solution?

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Tech awards offer startups income and credibility, but without mentorship innovators will fall short of their potential. From making sure mentors have the appropriate skills, to recognising the value of partnerships, our panel shares insights on using entrepreneurship to tackle youth unemployment. With rising numbers of unemployed young people in the developing world, is entrepreneurship the solution to job creation? Join us to discuss on 18 November at 1pm GMT. Tackling youth unemployment.

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